Hardware upgrades


Yeah in case I did not mention yet: Finally I`ve got a decent smartphone and one adequate subnotebook. Happy 2012!

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Wow. After all …


Wow. After all these month I finally visited blender again. It was not as bad as I did expect. As a warming up I fooled around with the dresses of two old characters. I won’t focus on that tough. Yet I have to record still a few scenes to make a complete guide.


PS: I find the “Insert Photo”-option quite convenient =)

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Guides and Dragons

An uninteresting blog.

That’s what JW said. And he is kinda right…  Obviously I am having some trouble to keep that blog updatend on a regular base… Please have mercy on me. This is not so much about pure PR but about to inform you about the really interesting things going on here.

And of course: My time is very limited and I am more focused on the project itself. I am not that much a PR person  😉

Well, what is it then I want to show you today? It is a screenshot! It shows you my current videoeditor (corel). The actual clip is a guide for timing, music and voices. Yet I have recordfed all voices from the script and edited them in such a way that it sounds (a bit) like a radio-play. The “video”-clips you see there are (literally) hundreds of sketches that I use to illustrate the way how the movie is filmed and edited.

I think, in a way, you could say that this is a very primitive animatic. I just can not afford the effort for a dedicated storybook AND an animatic afterwards. So this is a mixture of both approaches. Yet it works well enough for Dominik, Dunsti and me.

Forgive me if I do not post that clip openly but I want the story to be (kinda) secret until the movie premieres 😉

Kind regards!


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Oh.. by the way! I recorded the guide-voices of the script and started scribble-“Animating” the scenes, so Dominik has a guide for the timing of his music.

Tl;dr: HURRAY WE ARE IN PRODUCTION MODE AGAIN! (I will add a more complete post shortly)


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Round 5


About time 

So after a… roughly 3 month of pure scripting (and some personal experiences tough) this is actual the first time that I re-read the script without the urge to change a lot of things. Yet I added or removed a single word. It’s also the right time for spellchecking.

I am going to spend a little while with that… and then I think it is about time to re-download blender to check what They’ve changed in the meantime… oh gawd <=)

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Telephonecall from Istamb… Ukraine!

No need to sleep.

Fate. That’s the one one of natures forces that keeps on visiting me. Well besides gravity maybe. However: I showed a lot of abscence here lately because I was (geez and I still am(!)) writing.

And then… out of the nothing… (well, not quite, he came from http://www.renderfarm.fi) this Russian fellow “Felis” showed up and expressed his interest to write Russian subtitiles for “Streifen”. And of course I replied “HELL YES!!!”

And so he went on, took a lot of time and effort and…. made Russian subtitles now available in the download-section.  Furthermore he started to distribute the movie via torrent (and thus helps to take some load from the native server)

Thanks a lot to all the Russian and Ukraine (and so much more)  fellows out there. Enjoy!

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Looooooooooooong John Silver

But don’t worry. It will be fine!

Actually I spend much more time for writing as I had planned for. However I think it is really worth it. I spend the time not (only) into the script but also into my self. I spend a lot of time to become a better author.

The one bad thing about writing a script is, that you can not show anything wich is “work in progress” and thus I can not show any… work in progress. I do pity that but that’s the it is. For the moment.

However, the script comes along very well.  Very simplified,  lot’s of humor and very un-epic. Kinda the opposite of “Streifen”. It will be fun!

3D-wise everything is coming by Dunsti and Arvim. I will post about that soon. It’s certainly worth watching.

Kind regards,



Regards to the Russian Federation. It seems I have some followers there.  Hi folks!

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