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Whats he doing there?

You know what? I am gardening! Srsly, I took a little creative timeout (not once and for all, as you can see at the new charddesign on top of that page) but… well I admit to enjoyed to life live … Continue reading

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Don’t worry. It will be fine.

Just as always. Things are doing fine. I am doing quite fine. Writing is a hell lot of fun and man I am so lucky to have a -team- of dedicated people to proof-read and lecture it. Arvim is active … Continue reading

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Athena WIP part 2

Hi! It its quite some time ago… since I posted anything regarding the charactermodells in “A Dragon Lovestory!”. There have been some improvements tough. In order to make them visible I am going to post here hi-res renderings of the … Continue reading

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Police officer Jeanna. Supposed to be a large female. Someone who actually fits to Teybu. “Polizei” is a german word and it makes quite clear where the movie actually plays. Right in good old germany! Update: Well and that’s her … Continue reading

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Taibu gets in shape and becomes “Teybu”

It has begun. I am happy with his smile and overall appearance.I am happy with the nightmare that finally became fur. I am happy that rigging worked out wo well. I had concerns about the topology (as mentioned in my … Continue reading

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Booking the story

Gentleman, start your tickets! Currently I am getting and working over feedback of the storyline. It is amusing how appreciated the storyline actually is (quote:”Schöööön. Rosamunde Pilcher in drachig!” LOL). -I even took the effort to draw a dedicated storyboard … Continue reading

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A little June conclusion

As good as it gets this June. I think it is about time for a little conclusion here. What goals we reached so far. What else is going on. I prepared a small GIMP-collage: I am sorry for the bad … Continue reading

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