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Have you ever felt the urge to be part of a digital movie production? Welcome! Here is your chance!

The Messeturm guy

May I introduce: Dunsti, New guy coming from Blendpolis. Honestly I have no clue who he really is but he does not life to away from my place so it is not unlikely I am going to see him one … Continue reading

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Mentor of Topology

May I introduce Jan-Willem, JW, van Dronkelaar I’ve met JW during Blenderconference 2010.  I was very lucky since JW is the most excellent 3D-Tutor I’ve ever met in my live. He taught me the very concepts of 3D modelling. Topology, … Continue reading

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Moar catnip

May I introduce: Johann, Runo, Studanski. Emergency web dev He is one of the most underestimated persons I’ve ever met. Talented, reliable and even a bit more than “just” emergency web dev. Tough I am afraid I can not tell … Continue reading

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Hero of the day

May I introduce: B the awesome geek, tutorial dragon. It’s hardly two weeks ago since I joined and I found someone willing to record a tutorial in order to teach me certain rigging technic (in This case rigging of … Continue reading

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Tl;dr: I am always looking for blender artists (I don’t mind if they are experienced or not, as long as they come in the right spirit), voice talents and people willing and capable of giving reasonable feedback. ###Especially someone who … Continue reading

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