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This is the place where to spot the latest informations and developments concerning “A Dragon Lovestory”

Haleluja! I am an otherkin and admit it.

…as if that was not perfectly obvious from the very beginning. Oh well, what else have I to announce except of that? ;P Even if my virtual absence from wordpress, blendernation, twitter etc lasts for more then a year now, … Continue reading

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Whats he doing there?

You know what? I am gardening! Srsly, I took a little creative timeout (not once and for all, as you can see at the new charddesign on top of that page) but… well I admit to enjoyed to life live … Continue reading

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Hardware upgrades

Yeah in case I did not mention yet: Finally I`ve got a decent smartphone and one adequate subnotebook. Happy 2012!

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Don’t worry. It will be fine.

Just as always. Things are doing fine. I am doing quite fine. Writing is a hell lot of fun and man I am so lucky to have a -team- of dedicated people to proof-read and lecture it. Arvim is active … Continue reading

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The working title

We have overcome the working title and present: The new header! It was about time to do that. After quite a few inquiries and feedback I had to accept: “Panzer 01” is not an appropriate title for a love story. … Continue reading

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Another me

How does it feel not fighting yourself anymore? That’s been my favourite quote for the day. And as a reply I just sent out that sketch: A cheering and serpentine creature playing around with something that could be the sun. … Continue reading

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The tube lieks Streifen

YouTube just upgraded my account and removed all limitations! I mean, how cool is that? So I did not hesitate and uploaded Streifen in all it’s HD glory to YouTube. A full motion-picture. On YouTube. For free. Completely legal! Web … Continue reading

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