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Thi is the place where to spot Information and close-to-tutorlal posts about the creation of characters that will show up in “A Dragon Lovestory”

Back to 3D land

That was some looooong period of no “actual” work on the movie itself. Instead: Preparations, talentscouting, preparations, voice-stuff, shit-loads-of-werks in my house, familiy bizz, preparations blahblahbloodyblah. However, now is the time to re-engage here. Because of the rather long rest I’ve had … Continue reading

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Taibu gets normal 2

And this is the second part of the world of the normals! As you can see, to begin with, I just unwrapped his clothes to test the normalbaking. This is a technique I’ve learned at you guys are … Continue reading

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Shilouette character design WIP

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May I introduce you to… Shilouette! Man, what a dragon. And what a name! And you know what? It’s not even a typo. This is his first incarnation! It’s actually the first time that I developed a character in the … Continue reading

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Athena WIP

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May I introduce you to Athena! This entry is a rough compendium of my twitter posts concerning her creation. If you bother you might checkout #kyotek002 to #kyotek 005 at This is Athenas  first digital incarnation. I used her … Continue reading