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Haleluja! I am an otherkin and admit it.

…as if that was not perfectly obvious from the very beginning. Oh well, what else have I to announce except of that? ;P Even if my virtual absence from wordpress, blendernation, twitter etc lasts for more then a year now, … Continue reading

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Imorgon 2.0

Hi Peeps! It has been quite some tome since the last post. Again. I had time for a few realisations and clean-ups. During the last few month I managed to get many things “straight”. Personal stuff, Job, Hobbies, time management, … Continue reading

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Athena WIP part 2

Hi! It its quite some time ago… since I posted anything regarding the charactermodells in “A Dragon Lovestory!”. There have been some improvements tough. In order to make them visible I am going to post here hi-res renderings of the … Continue reading

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I would gladly die for you.

May I introduce: “Offspring of the sun”, title song of “A Dragon Lovestory” Heck. The did it. They really did it.  They really, really did it. Man I am proud. Go listen! Advertisements

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About blender

The package of choice Blender is my actual software of choice. I have several reasons for that. One of them is (of course) it’s open source license. Especially if you work on a long-term project like a movie, you really … Continue reading

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For the greater good: The “panzer o1” forum

“There is no good to complain to be alone at home, if one does not even have a decent place to invite people.” This is the “panzer o1” work forum. It’s called like that because that’s how it all begun: … Continue reading

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A Dragon Lovestory

Welcome to “A Dragon Lovestory” – A movie about a dragonlove. My current movie. The Idea behind “A Dragon Lovestory” is as old (if not even older) as the idea behind “Streifen – galaxy of bliss.”  The main difference between … Continue reading

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