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Hi! My Name is Dirk Schmidt. I am an independant filmmaker. Filmmaker might not be the right term tough. I am obsessed with making films and so be it!

Whee forgot my blog… again LOL

Just recieved a nice comment and tough… realized that I’ve totally abandoned any kind of PR-stuph for that little project. Man… still ongoing but such things take tiiiiime. However Here is another lifesign 🙂 This time Its a shot of … Continue reading

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Not my cup of… cycles.

lately I have been asked quite often if I am using the cycles renderer that comes with blender. Everybody is telling me how great it is and how realistic and how fast and all. Well finally I tried (Andreas asked … Continue reading

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Haleluja! I am an otherkin and admit it.

…as if that was not perfectly obvious from the very beginning. Oh well, what else have I to announce except of that? ;P Even if my virtual absence from wordpress, blendernation, twitter etc lasts for more then a year now, … Continue reading

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Imorgon 2.0

Hi Peeps! It has been quite some tome since the last post. Again. I had time for a few realisations and clean-ups. During the last few month I managed to get many things “straight”. Personal stuff, Job, Hobbies, time management, … Continue reading

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Ah man… I am still not dead. And thus the project isen’t =) Tough there have been some… …changes. Most of it is Real-life related. However, changes that have been made: My Camaro is fully operational now 😉 Closed the … Continue reading

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Whats he doing there?

You know what? I am gardening! Srsly, I took a little creative timeout (not once and for all, as you can see at the new charddesign on top of that page) but… well I admit to enjoyed to life live … Continue reading

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Back to 3D land

That was some looooong period of no “actual” work on the movie itself. Instead: Preparations, talentscouting, preparations, voice-stuff, shit-loads-of-werks in my house, familiy bizz, preparations blahblahbloodyblah. However, now is the time to re-engage here. Because of the rather long rest I’ve had … Continue reading

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