Haleluja! I am an otherkin and admit it.

…as if that was not perfectly obvious from the very beginning. Oh well, what else have I to announce except of that? ;P

Even if my virtual absence from wordpress, blendernation, twitter etc lasts for more then a year now, there are still (a few) people concerning whats going on here. Oh well: Many things are going on. Some are good, some are bad.

To make a long story short: The last 12 Month have been more or less a constant crisis in my live: I’ve been robbed (two times), cars broke down, things (in general) did not work out very well, I had to change my job, my mother died, my father died (within 10 days) and much much much more. Just too much to write it down here. It has been just absurd how crazy live can be sometimes.

All of that formed  a spiritual crisis. I practically shut down myself for several month. I still have my job tough, and my family is still with me. Thank god.

During the time of sorrow I thought that I learned something about the true nature of live. I thought that with all these new experiences and emotional collapses I would finally be able to deal and finish that otherkin-side in myself and go back to “normal” again. But apparently there has never been a “normal” for me anyway, so there is no way back to a state that never existed.  That’s why I decided for that rather dramatic headline here.

I did learn a lot of other things during the last 12 month. I had a lot of time to ponder about things and certain realisations. I re-visited the script again and again. I realized what (seems to) work on the internet and what does not (seem to) work.  I came to the conclusion that another full feature movie is not desirable any more. It would have to much compromises and, honestly, there are not many people enjoying cryptic full-feature movies. Cryptic shorts are much more appreciated… and much better to realize (for me as a producer).

To finish that rant I just add two renderings here, two renderings that actual deal with that duality I have inside myself and which I want to capture with the movie.



The “true” Imorgon. However he is the one who projects (out of desire) the humanoid form of himself…



Into the world of Streifen.

It is still the Dragon Love Story! So everything will be fine. Just as always.





About kyomotion

Hi! My Name is Dirk Schmidt. I am an independant filmmaker. Filmmaker might not be the right term tough. I am obsessed with making films and so be it!
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