Imorgon 2.0

Hi Peeps!


It has been quite some tome since the last post. Again.

I had time for a few realisations and clean-ups. During the last few month I managed to get many things “straight”. Personal stuff, Job, Hobbies, time management, etc.

I also realized how immature the “Community-effort” for “A Dragon Love Story” was and how “mature” the Approach to “Streifen” (in certain ways). “A Dragon Love Story” can’t be a community thing and I think it is quite fine that way.

Yet I still have two loyal friends how get along with my attitude and work-approach to the movie and well… things get a long. Just very different and much slower. And very different to “Streifen”.

“Streifen” has been a thing of self-realisation and thus “A Dragon Lovestory” just can’t be another Streifenmovie. I just realized that. During the last year I spend my time with many different things. Many things that are not related to movies. The biggest “change” has been the 83′ Camaro I have gotten for myself. It showed me a new perspective. The perspective of a petrolhead.

And it is not about that perspectve. It is about about the change of perspective. And that helped me a lot getting things sorted out. Personal things mostly and things concerning that certain aspect in my personality.

Oh well, I think its about time to make a point here: I am still working on “A Dragon Love Story”. But it is still in flux (as I am as a sentient being) but it will be finished in the not to far future 🙂

Kind regards



About kyomotion

Hi! My Name is Dirk Schmidt. I am an independant filmmaker. Filmmaker might not be the right term tough. I am obsessed with making films and so be it!
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One Response to Imorgon 2.0

  1. overkill says:

    Sounds like life is better for you. I know what it’s like to obsess about projects. It’s good to hear you’re not spending all of your time in front of the computer.

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