Ah man… I am still not dead. And thus the project isen’t =)

Tough there have been some…



Most of it is Real-life related.

However, changes that have been made:

My Camaro is fully operational now 😉

Closed the forum (a project like that does not generate enough fuzz to entertain a whole comunity)

Dunsti is still on board.

Same with Dominik.

…and me.

Have a nice day!



About kyomotion

Hi! My Name is Dirk Schmidt. I am an independant filmmaker. Filmmaker might not be the right term tough. I am obsessed with making films and so be it!
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2 Responses to Failblog!

  1. overkill says:

    I’m glad I found you (again). And I’m glad you’re still working on the project. I watched Streifen almost 3 years ago, and the story has still stuck with me. I’m watching it again. This is a great sign of your writing abilities. Keep up the great work. I wish I could help, but don’t feel I have the skills.

    • kyomotion says:

      LOL! After all the time hat has passed since the release of “Streifen” (und thus having lots of experiences) I don’t think that “Streifen” had a really good screenwritung. Anyway it has been the best thing I could do during that time of my life LOL-
      However many thingsd have changed since that release. I don’t feel that “pressure” anymore and many things in my RL just have relaxed a lot… and I even do have a V8 Camaro now, and I really love it 😉

      So, the still-in-proces-“A Dragon Lovestory” will be *veeeeery* different from “Streifen”. In almost every aspect.
      I have to admit that (in the meantime) I have rewritten the whole thing more then three times and I already had some talk with dunsti, considering to morph it into a shortmoive.

      And do not bother with “helping out”. That’s something I’m not looking for anymore. A project like that is just not meant to be a community-effort. But thats fine. Maybe that can be done in a more professional enviroment with a third movie.

      Thanks for still following that blog!


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