Back to 3D land

That was some looooong period of no “actual” work on the movie itself.

Instead: Preparations, talentscouting, preparations, voice-stuff, shit-loads-of-werks in my house, familiy bizz, preparations blahblahbloodyblah. However, now is the time to re-engage here. Because of the rather long rest I’ve had here I noticed quite a few flaws in the current character-set. Mostly Taibu und Jeanna. I really need more skills for clothing *sighs*. Well we will see.

Anyway: To warm up I decided to start with the real Imorgon of this movie (the father of Shilouette). I did it in the train and in another hour in the evening (after the kids jumped to bed). This is how far i am willing to do an actual sculpting.

Yet sculpting is still a matter of hate and love with me. As much as I like the sponteous approach as much  hate it to add clean details and gneral cleanup. Thus I prefer rather rough sculpts that make (IMHO) the best trade off in concept/proportions and the amount of time I have to invest. (I would like to have added the teeth yet tough)


My original plan for this bust was, BTW, to make it naked (in this case without the mane). However I had trouble to figure out if the expression goes right and thus decided to add it anyway…. that won’t help with the re-topo I have to admit but I tried to keep the areas clean I want to retopo anyway (forehead, muzzle and face)


I also considered to skip sculpting and start directly with box modelling. Imorgon is meant to be a very slick guy and my sculpts have the tendency to become overly detailed… wich won’t work so well with this particular character.

However. I will have a fair  chance to slick him out while I do the re-topology anyway =)

Things go on…



About kyomotion

Hi! My Name is Dirk Schmidt. I am an independant filmmaker. Filmmaker might not be the right term tough. I am obsessed with making films and so be it!
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