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May I introduce: Dominik Walter, tech support and texture artist. Dominic is what I call an “oldschooler”. He is has been with me from the earliest days of “Streifen”. He had not much time to spend with my little project … Continue reading

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Duntsi Dunsti did it again

Dunsti did it again. Hey this is really one industrious guy. He showed up just a few days ago and he already showed up with this and this! Yeah if he goes on like that he will be the one … Continue reading

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Loveable fool

May I introduce you to: Dominik Senn, composer Dominik is the guy behind the soundtrack of “A Dragon Lovestory”. He had already some experiences with music made for stage plays and a good reputation. Actually I am very glad to … Continue reading

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Hello world. This is a new category. I found the idea kind of obvious and convenient at the same time. It is a given fact that I draw a lot. Sh#tloads. Even more since I stared a small daring-game on … Continue reading

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The Messeturm guy

May I introduce: Dunsti, New guy coming from Blendpolis. Honestly I have no clue who he really is but he does not life to away from my place so it is not unlikely I am going to see him one … Continue reading

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Taibu gets a normal skin

First unwrapping. For the moment it was good enough just to catch up with his clothes. Yet I did not think about his skin color. I UVunwrapped him later as a whole But at first: The guy needs to able … Continue reading

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Mentor of Topology

May I introduce Jan-Willem, JW, van Dronkelaar I’ve met JW during Blenderconference 2010.  I was very lucky since JW is the most excellent 3D-Tutor I’ve ever met in my live. He taught me the very concepts of 3D modelling. Topology, … Continue reading

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