The heart of a dragon

This is the home of the famous motion picture “Streifen -a galaxy of bliss-

and the upcoming production

“A Dragon Lovestory!”

One thing has to be said here first :

Our movies are not mainstream. We are not mainstream.

This is okay with you? Great! This is the place to spot all information you can get about the”Streifen”-motion picture the artists, the team, the backgrounds and the current (and ongoing) team-project “A Dragon Lovestory”.

Don’t forget to browse all categories. You will find various interesting materials like: Downloads, tutorials (planned, since I wasted most of them on twitter) and a lot of work in progress materials.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Whee forgot my blog… again LOL

Just recieved a nice comment and tough… realized that I’ve totally abandoned any kind of PR-stuph for that little project. Man… still ongoing but such things take tiiiiime. However Here is another lifesign 🙂


This time Its a shot of kyo-dragon the guy who needs (kinda) to be released

However kyo ist just one side of the medall. Imorgon, the other side, still remains 🙂

imorgon imorgon_suit

As you might realize there has been a rather drastic change in the movies style over the last few… years.

Thats mostly because I took the hardship to convert all I’ve had into the new cycles renderer blender has to offer.  It relly took me almost a full year to grasp an reasonable amount of the advantages and disandvantages of it (mostly speed).


The only character yet who constantly stays who she is is athena. But even she has been a bit polished and stuff 🙂


Last but not least there is Löwi. In full cycle glory alive and kickin’ 🙂

Real life also is a constant struggle and thus I dont’t have much time for my private projects… buts that’s just how life works for everyone of us, not? 🙂



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Not my cup of… cycles.

lately I have been asked quite often if I am using the cycles renderer that comes with blender. Everybody is telling me how great it is and how realistic and how fast and all.

Well finally I tried (Andreas asked me yesterday and suggested I really should give it a try. Well here we go:


What I like about cycles:

Cycles DOES indeed pretty good, realistic and sharp looking renders.

Cycles makes setting up a scene much simpler. Almost everything is realtime and there is not much you have or can tweak since everything is raytraycing anyway

I like the node-based materials-system.


What I don’t like about cycles:

Everything is raytraycing anyway. There is nothing you can really tweak much to get better performance and thus it is…

…very, very, very sluggish.


Just take a look:


This is the Blender internal renderer. I spare you the details but the rendering took me on my machine less then one minute and looks quite decent IMHO.


And this here…


Is cycles. The materials are not exactly the same and I reduced the amount of particles to 50% of the BI-rendering and tough..

…this rendering took more then 8(!) minutes on the same machine. I admit its a bit more crisp and all… but hey, if I configure the internal renderer in such a way that it can take 8 minutes to render… well, go figure.


Conclusion (for me)

Cycles is a neat thing. If I would be the still-frame guy I would like it. It makes it easy to set up scenes very fast without getting too deep into detail. Kind of a McDonalds approach which can be good thing.

However: I am not a still-frame guy. I am into animations and this is where rendertimes actually DO MATTER. Thus a Dragon Love Story will be rendered on the internal (and fast) blender-internal renderer.




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Haleluja! I am an otherkin and admit it.

…as if that was not perfectly obvious from the very beginning. Oh well, what else have I to announce except of that? ;P

Even if my virtual absence from wordpress, blendernation, twitter etc lasts for more then a year now, there are still (a few) people concerning whats going on here. Oh well: Many things are going on. Some are good, some are bad.

To make a long story short: The last 12 Month have been more or less a constant crisis in my live: I’ve been robbed (two times), cars broke down, things (in general) did not work out very well, I had to change my job, my mother died, my father died (within 10 days) and much much much more. Just too much to write it down here. It has been just absurd how crazy live can be sometimes.

All of that formed  a spiritual crisis. I practically shut down myself for several month. I still have my job tough, and my family is still with me. Thank god.

During the time of sorrow I thought that I learned something about the true nature of live. I thought that with all these new experiences and emotional collapses I would finally be able to deal and finish that otherkin-side in myself and go back to “normal” again. But apparently there has never been a “normal” for me anyway, so there is no way back to a state that never existed.  That’s why I decided for that rather dramatic headline here.

I did learn a lot of other things during the last 12 month. I had a lot of time to ponder about things and certain realisations. I re-visited the script again and again. I realized what (seems to) work on the internet and what does not (seem to) work.  I came to the conclusion that another full feature movie is not desirable any more. It would have to much compromises and, honestly, there are not many people enjoying cryptic full-feature movies. Cryptic shorts are much more appreciated… and much better to realize (for me as a producer).

To finish that rant I just add two renderings here, two renderings that actual deal with that duality I have inside myself and which I want to capture with the movie.



The “true” Imorgon. However he is the one who projects (out of desire) the humanoid form of himself…



Into the world of Streifen.

It is still the Dragon Love Story! So everything will be fine. Just as always.




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Imorgon 2.0

Hi Peeps!


It has been quite some tome since the last post. Again.

I had time for a few realisations and clean-ups. During the last few month I managed to get many things “straight”. Personal stuff, Job, Hobbies, time management, etc.

I also realized how immature the “Community-effort” for “A Dragon Love Story” was and how “mature” the Approach to “Streifen” (in certain ways). “A Dragon Love Story” can’t be a community thing and I think it is quite fine that way.

Yet I still have two loyal friends how get along with my attitude and work-approach to the movie and well… things get a long. Just very different and much slower. And very different to “Streifen”.

“Streifen” has been a thing of self-realisation and thus “A Dragon Lovestory” just can’t be another Streifenmovie. I just realized that. During the last year I spend my time with many different things. Many things that are not related to movies. The biggest “change” has been the 83′ Camaro I have gotten for myself. It showed me a new perspective. The perspective of a petrolhead.

And it is not about that perspectve. It is about about the change of perspective. And that helped me a lot getting things sorted out. Personal things mostly and things concerning that certain aspect in my personality.

Oh well, I think its about time to make a point here: I am still working on “A Dragon Love Story”. But it is still in flux (as I am as a sentient being) but it will be finished in the not to far future 🙂

Kind regards


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Ah man… I am still not dead. And thus the project isen’t =)

Tough there have been some…



Most of it is Real-life related.

However, changes that have been made:

My Camaro is fully operational now 😉

Closed the forum (a project like that does not generate enough fuzz to entertain a whole comunity)

Dunsti is still on board.

Same with Dominik.

…and me.

Have a nice day!


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Whats he doing there?

You know what?

I am gardening! Srsly, I took a little creative timeout (not once and for all, as you can see at the new charddesign on top of that page) but… well I admit to enjoyed to life live in profanity *laughs*. Just have a look:

I already did a lot of things (yeah like removing tons of trash) and build a new carport. The carport of hell if you ask me… The next time I won’t get a kit but instead construct it from scratch by my self.

Anyway, what’s the carport for in the first place? Voila:

My new hobby: Camaro V8. A man-childs dream come true. I am quite certain that I am going to spend some time with that beauty too.

As you can see, I am currently not *that* obessed about my movie mission anymore. Strangly that seems to be quite fine with the movie-project itself. It’s far from being abandoned but I made some changes in it’s organisation and its time scheduling. This time “A Dragon Love Story” will be there for fun, not mission!

Kind regards


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Back to 3D land

That was some looooong period of no “actual” work on the movie itself.

Instead: Preparations, talentscouting, preparations, voice-stuff, shit-loads-of-werks in my house, familiy bizz, preparations blahblahbloodyblah. However, now is the time to re-engage here. Because of the rather long rest I’ve had here I noticed quite a few flaws in the current character-set. Mostly Taibu und Jeanna. I really need more skills for clothing *sighs*. Well we will see.

Anyway: To warm up I decided to start with the real Imorgon of this movie (the father of Shilouette). I did it in the train and in another hour in the evening (after the kids jumped to bed). This is how far i am willing to do an actual sculpting.

Yet sculpting is still a matter of hate and love with me. As much as I like the sponteous approach as much  hate it to add clean details and gneral cleanup. Thus I prefer rather rough sculpts that make (IMHO) the best trade off in concept/proportions and the amount of time I have to invest. (I would like to have added the teeth yet tough)


My original plan for this bust was, BTW, to make it naked (in this case without the mane). However I had trouble to figure out if the expression goes right and thus decided to add it anyway…. that won’t help with the re-topo I have to admit but I tried to keep the areas clean I want to retopo anyway (forehead, muzzle and face)


I also considered to skip sculpting and start directly with box modelling. Imorgon is meant to be a very slick guy and my sculpts have the tendency to become overly detailed… wich won’t work so well with this particular character.

However. I will have a fair  chance to slick him out while I do the re-topology anyway =)

Things go on…


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